Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Hardware

The hardware I will use on my work will be an industrial line scan camera. The model is P2-2x-04K40 from
Teledyne DALSA (figure 1).

Figure 1 - Line scan camera
The specifications of the camera are shown in the table 1. The output format is Camera Link, this imposes us some limitations, the acquisition will have to be on Windows workspace due to the lack of drivers. We only have access to the software provided by Teledyne DALSA and so we will have to capture the frames and posterior computational processing.
The camera has a very high speed and is highly configurable, it has the ability to work from 350 Hz to 36000 Hz and with a resolution from 128 to 4096 pixels.

Table 1 - General Camera Specifications
4096 x 1
Max. Line Rate
36 kHz
Pixel Size
10 µm
Output Format
Camera Link Base

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